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We couldn't have had a nicer trip!

From from United States traveled to Russia

We just got back, this week, from the river cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg with Travel All Russia. We couldn't have had a nicer trip!

The people at Travel All were most helpful. They got our VISAs for us too. We got them back just before the trip which made us a little nervous, but the Russian Consulate was in charge of our passort/VISA at that point.

We were picked up at the Moscow airport as planned and again picked up from the ship and taken to the St. Petersburg airport as planned. All our arrangement through Travel All were handled very nicely with all our questions answered.

Once in Russia and on the ship, Vodohod was the company that handled the trip from then on. We were on a "budget ship", the Chernishevsky. Our accommodations were as we expected, but Russia was not. It was BETTER than we expected. We were a little disappointed that we were not able to see the Armory while in Moscow, but we were there on a day when it was closed, not Travel All's fault, just the luck of the days we picked to travel. We were able to see it when we were not able to fly back to JFK because of hurricane Irina & had to stay in Moscow 2 extra days.

Al in all, we were not disappointed at all with the trip, Travel All Russia or Vodohod. We reccoment all of them highy!

October 31, 2012
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