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Thank you once again for a most memorable experience

Desmond Marais from South Africa traveled to Russia

I recently had the privilege to take my family on a trip to Russia on board the Volga Dream. Having been in many different parts of the world and having experienced much of what the world has to offer I must commend you on your choice of staff on board the vessel.

Although there may be many more extravagant vessels out there, it is doubtful if any ones staff exceeds that of the Volga Dream in terms of its commitment and dedication. In particular, I want to make reference to a gentleman by the name of Zeljko Gojavic. What struck me as different about him was his unconditional and heartfelt response to questions posed, and his consistent willingness to assist and make guests feel at home. As I am sure you will agree with me, this is exactly the type of person that distinguishes a ship’s staff and crew from the many other crews out there competing for the upper echelon traveler. His personal touch truly elevated the experience for my whole family to a different level.

I also want to commend you on your chef. As part of our South African operation we own several catering institutions and hoping that we share a sense of humor want to remark that if these two individuals did not live so far away from where my base of operations is, chances are they would probably be working for my organization and not yours.

Thank you once again for a most memorable experience. I hope when my son is older to return to the Volga Dream to show him the Russia I have come to know and love.

Warmest regards,

November 23, 2012
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