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I had no idea that Moscow and St. Petersburg were so beautiful

Elena Opasini from Canada traveled to Russia

The Treasures of Two Capitals trip was just fabulous. It exceeded my expectations. I had no idea that Moscow and St. Petersburg were so beautiful. I think they are equal to Paris and Vienna in every way. Their architecture, palaces and cathedrals, museums and overall culture rival any city in the world. It's a pity most Westerners don't know this.

Another misconception that Westerners have about Russia is the people, describing them as unfriendly. Well nothing could be further from the truth. I found Russians, though a little shy at first, to be extremely friendly and ebullient once you get to know them. I was also surprised with the food. Wherever we ate, it was just delicious.

The entire trip was very enjoyable. The hotels were first rate with beautiful and comfortable rooms and top rate service. It also made a difference having a small group to tour. It was like having your own private tour. And the guides were so knowledgeable it made a huge difference in learning about Russia and its history. Always cheerful, eager to answer any question and help with any of our needs. My only regret is that we spent only two days in Moscow. We barely scratched the surface.

I have to commend TravelAllRussia. The organizational skills and professionalism of the company are outstanding. I would recommend TravelAllRussia to anyone who wants to go to Russia. I only wish the company had tours to other parts of the world because I would definitely use this company again!

June 2, 2015
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