Helmut Wenz

The Wenz brothers wish to thank the staff at Travel All Russia for organizing their Trans Siberian adventure which was beyond expectation! It truely was a joyous and memorable experience.

Especially, we would like to thank the Logistics Department for their excellent work in orchestrating the train schedules, private drivers, and guides. These individuals were so friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and always on time. Their English was excellent. Every stop on the Trans-Siberian was an educational and new experience. The vastness of Russis was unbelievable, even for travelers from the USA. What a country! So much diversity in geography, culture and people.

We met many interesting passengers on the trains: even two German couples who were traveling to Irkutsk from a town in Germany only 50km from my home town of Alsbach. We also interacted with many Russian passengers on the trains who were so friendly and curious about us and wanting to know why we would want to travel such a long distance from Moscow to Vladivostok. Several of the passengers we met on the train we encountered at major destinations along the way.

There was no particular high-point along the journey: all stops were great! Of course, Lake Baikal and the "Paris of Siberia" was certainly breathtaking. What experiences and memories! Moscow time gave us several concerns at train stations, but we never missed our train. What a great experience we had, and the Trans-Siberian ranks very high among my 50 plus travels to other countries on our planet.

Again, much thanks to the Travel All Russia team for making the 18 day Trans-Siberian journey such a great adventure. Thank you all!
Oh yes, while lifting my heavy luggage (filled with souvenirs) on the train in Irkutsk I incurred a hernia. Thanks to a supply of pain pills, I made it comfortably back to the states.

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