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I had a ball in Russia and on the Boat.

Henry Ayers from United States traveled to Russia

I had a ball in Russia and on the Boat. I loved your cities for their buildings which have been so beautifully repaired after WW2 and are so impressive with the colours and gold.

The Ballet was wonderful but I was told not to take my Camera, yet everyone else did. Consequently I missed out on being able to photograph the inside of the Bolshoi Theatre and have not been able to find any booklet with interior photos.

I met a great "gang" on board, we went about together and partied every night at the rear bar, Arim ( I think) was the bar man, supposed to shut at 11.30 but had to stay until we went, was a joy, as were the girl waitresses, several of whom came to join us each night. It was many nights we did not leave until 1.30.

I cannot complain about any part of the trip except we missed one port, the ford and facilities were excellent. One complaint though is that they could not give me a double bed as all the cabins have twin beds,they did push them together but the doona was still a single. Being tall I always sleep on an angle in a double bed.

Anyway I had a great time and would recommend it to everyone.

June 25, 2015
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