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Delightful journey to Georgia & neighboring countries

Jade Horowitz from United States traveled to Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia

My friend Alice and I visited Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, Baku (Azerbaijan), and a number of other destinations within Armenia, Georgia & Azerbaijan with a private tour. We traveled with Travel All Russia and are very satisfied with the provided service. Tbilisi turned out to be very warm and sunny in all ways, including the weather and the hearty welcome we were given. In general, we saw how hospitable and open-minded local people are, they looked so happy to greet us in their country, it was adorable. Each of our words was heard and each question regarded. We enjoyed such a comfortable service and support. We made plenty of pics in the Old Town of Tbilisi and ate incredibly tasty khinkali in the restaurant. We also admired visiting local churches and were surprised to find out that most Georgians are Christians.

Azerbaijan was a bit different, but with its own charm. I liked Baku and Sheki, and need to highlight the local cuisine, it deserves a special mention. We tasted a lot of lamb dishes, this meat is quite popular in this region. The portions are abnormally big and each meal feels like a feast, no less!

I need to cut this long story short and miss many details about this unbelievable trip. But we, Alice and I, enjoyed it so much and for sure recommend Travel All Russia as a reliable tour service with the high-quality staff. They kindly assisted us during all stages, fixed out all logistic issues, prepared visas, etc. Please, do not doubt when choosing this company for your future traveling.

June 6, 2018
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