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We found each day filled with treasured memories

Jane and Tom Justic from Canada traveled to Russia

Your Company provided superior service; you were always such a help in planning the trip with smile after smile; and we feel totally confident in recommending your services to others.

First, thank you for arranging a trip that turned out to be even better than expected. We thoroughly enjoyed the sights and sounds of St. Petersburg and found each day filled with treasured memories.

1. Airport pick-up and delivery went very smooth. Traffic congestion was no worse than any other major city and probably better than most.

2. The hotel is perfectly located for tourists; was more than comfortable ( the upgraded room was worth the extra cost ); the staff most helpful; and the restaurant / bar acceptable.

3. The Hermitage is a world-class destination and most will want to stay for the full-day after the tour ends.

4. The palaces are most interesting, especially with the guide providing great historical perspective. This history is key to a true appreciation of the people and the country.

5. Attending the Russian Orthodox service was special.

6. Our guide did a great job. As I said, her historical insights were key and she never ran out of energy.

7. Lunches offered a good variety of local fare and were well-planned.

8. The ballet was totally enjoyable and is something every tourist should take advantage of. Recommend it to all.

Best regards,

Jane and Tom Justic

April 20, 2011
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