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Great journey, beyond all praise

Joseph McClutsky from United States traveled to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan

I had a very inspiring time and have some words to say about my trip to Eurasia. What really matters is that I haven't been abroad for ages due to the awfully tight job schedule and I felt extremely tired, I needed something great to have a break. But I am not an easy person to please, I need much comfort and usually have many personal requirements and only if I see they've met I feel I had a vacation. This journey is absolutely a positive case, everything went without a hitch.

A few words about the places I've seen: I liked Ashgabat all in gold and in glaring sparkle. The Wedding Palace is extraordinary, I used to work in the sphere of wedding organization and that's why it was fun for me to see this building and this side of Asian culture. Samarkand and Tashkent are stunning, I'm not kidding, maybe the best cities I've seen in my life. And I did enjoy the cuisines, I ate pilafes (there are myriads of types, plov is like rice porridge but it is cooked either with berries or with meat, dozens of herbs are added, I was blown away with local people's ideas, fantastic).

I'd like to emphasize again that Travel All Russia are real professionals, can't say any wrong words. No delays, courteous communication, optimum quality for the price.

July 29, 2018
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