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Eurasian Capitals Trans-Siberian Journey (June 2016)

Judie Hoeppner from United States traveled to Russia, China

Rich and I have had the most amazing trip around the world and much of it is thanks to your company! The activities you suggested along the way added so much to our enjoyment and appreciation of your country.

At every destination, a wonderful guide met us and with only one very minor exception, they were right on time without ever being reminded and they were so helpful and kind.

Not to mention that the hotels or lodges were exceptional, clean, comfortable and mostly very charming!

And we have had the most wonderful guides, so knowledgeable, fun, willing to adjust schedules to meet our needs - like when I had bronchitis in Zhangjijie, instead of a tour we went to the hospital and pharmacy! And I got well!

In the process of planning this trip, I feel like each of team has become a friend and I'm so grateful! You went above and beyond!!! It's amazing to me that in a 3 month trip with so many stops and venues that there has not been one glitch, not even a tiny one! You are all top notch professionals!

From traveling across Russia, which was so wonderful and beautiful, we have learned so much - like I thought the Kremlin was a building, when it's actually a huge fort - to Mongolia, which we really loved to Beijing and the wall, the pandas in southern China, riding elephants in Sumatra, the peaceful and beautiful river trips with the proboscis monkeys in Kalimantan and then Malaysia with the orangutans, sun bears and river rafting and these are just a few of the memories we've made!

In Hawaii, we say Mahalo Nui Loa (thank you very much) and Aloha (hello, goodbye and love).

August 26, 2016
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