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We did enjoy our trip - Russia's Ancient Kingdoms with Baltic Extension

Julia Stanton from United States traveled to Russia, Finland, Estonia, Latvia

The first thing to say is that we did enjoy our trip. We did have a few points to raise which may be helpful to you in future planning, which are below:

· All the hotels were centrally located, which was good, and the hotels in Moscow and St Petersburg were generally very good. (The breakfast in the St Petersburg hotel needs some work.) However the three Radisson Blu’s in which we stayed were definitely NOT four star. There were few, if any, storage spaces in the rooms, the rooms were old, which included the beds. All the rooms were clean, but we would not have chosen to stay in them. And the hotel in Helsinki, and to some extent the one in Tallinn (built for the Olympics in 1980?) were old and passed their sell-by date.

· The guides were very good, however the guide in Moscow stood out for a number of reasons. While she knew her stuff she was not flexible and didn’t respond to requests as others did; I know she may have had our interests at heart, but we are very experienced travellers and therefore know what we want and found her very difficult. She also had an issue with our driver which she did not keep to herself!

I hope that is helpful.

July 17, 2017
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