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To say we were very impressed is to say nothing at all

Kyle & Nicole Trevors from United States traveled to Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia

We've long been planning our trip to the Caucasus but, initially, we felt puzzled because it seemed like we did not know much about this region and did not know what to expect from such a journey. But to say we were very impressed is to say nothing at all. Baku was glorious, my wife Nicole and I will never forget its beautiful bazaars and all the other places and spots like the Maiden Tower or the Palace of Happiness.

I'd certainly like to give credit and sing the praises to our guides who showed us around and told the history of all the cities we've visted in details. The guide stopped next to each location providing us with comprehensive explanations and sharing some legends, enchanting stories and jokes. We laughed a lot and felt totally happy. Thank you so much for a well-planned adventure!

July 2, 2018
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