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The trip was sensational

Les Wardhaugh from Australia traveled to Russia

The trip was sensational. I went to get a sense of life, your culture and the history of your country, given I was there for only seven days I was still extremely happy for the chance to experience a little of this.

Our first tour guide was definitely a beautiful Russian female. The experience of booking the trip and getting a Visa was certainly a learning one, and that password was definitely a challenge, 28 letters!!!.

I have to thank you both for your patience with me, some emails came after I had left, I do not carry an internet device traveling, I still have not worked out my mobile phone yet.

There must be some very wealthy Russians living in Moscow, the prices on clothes in some shops there are outrageous, $800.00 for a men's shirt, I would like to meet the people who pay these prices and the social structure there.

June 5, 2013
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