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I get quite emotional when thinking about it still!

Lisa Wiggs from United States traveled to Russia

Dear Fellow Travellers,

I found that when all was said and done that Travel All Russia really WAS the best site for Russian vacations of all kinds. I had always traveled on my own, and was dead set against any kind of tour group. Yet they suggested that I might want to have an individual tour guide, which also frightened me a little.

The guides were brilliant. The tour of the Kremlin was fabulous, and our lunch together at a café inside GUM was very entertaining. Military drill at the Kremlin was BRILLIANT and at St Basil’s, a personal performance by a men’s baroque quartet was tear inducing! ). Everything was arranged so that all I had to do, literally, was just breathe, walk, and enjoy myself.

I wish I could tell you every little thought and impression from my trip but I would have a novel written in no time. All I can say is that I wish I had had more time. I wish I could have stayed longer. People asked me again and again why I wanted to go to Russia.

Thanks to all and please forgive me if I have left out anything of special import. My thoughts on the trip are still scattered and I Get quite emotional when thinking about it still. So, at best this review is inadequate. But I hope you will accept my appreciation and best wishes.

November 17, 2012
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