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Nice Russian Spots

Marcia Boomer from United States traveled to Russia

I wanted to visit Russia but not just see the Red Square in Moscow or other typical tourist places but to discover some new spots on the map. I was suggested to have a private itinerary and the Travel all Russia specialists organized the whole thing. My first destination was Kaliningrad (formerly called "Konigsberg") and I was delighted. This former German city offers so much to see and do with wonderful architecture, lovely churches all in European-like style, I especially liked the Rossgarten Gate. After spending three days there I continued my trip south and came to Sochi. This sunny gem of Russia is a great resort and I really enjoyed the views. The city hosted 2014 Winter Olympics, that is why all around looks tourist friendly and comfortable. My cheers to the tour operator who made it all happen!

May 20, 2018
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