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Marie Franceline Longere Davies from United States traveled to Russia

It was a great trip. The drivers were always on time and very safe drivers. The guides were good everywhere. The guide in Moscow was very knowledgeable, had a nice personality and was always elegant in his appearance and in his thoughts. The guide in Vladimir and Suzdal was also excellent with different opinions which gave another view of Russia. It was very interesting. He also was very knowledgeable about this area of the country. In St Petersburg the guide had a wonderful personality. She was loved by all. She was so direct. Her general knowledge is great. She is charming and pretty. I am sure a very successful guide. In Helsinki (an expensive city) the guides were also wonderful. They showed us all the various aspects of the architecture and spoke about the history of the country of which we had no knowledge... It was very interesting and we all loved them. They drove us all the way to the park so no train, no bus, we had a wonderful walk under sunny skies, and the guide cooked some sausages at a camp fire that he built. It was a great ending to a tour that had so much emphasis on history and culture, a good change of pace for the last day. The trains were great the one from Moscow to SPB was terrific..... The one to Helsinki was also good. We were fine with every aspect of the trip and plan to go back to Russia. In fact we all loved Russia. Russia has changed so much. We saw the light festival with the sound and light show on the facade of the Bolshoi, it was spectacular. Also a traveler Mr Grausz 83 years old ...fell in the street near the Bolshoi theater he fell at night and banged his nose and left eye nothing bad but he traveled with a black eye until the end ... Anyhow it could have been worse, what was amazing is the response from the crowd, they all wanted to help, one person brought a stool, another a glass of water, another wanted to call a doctor, another an ambulance. His daughter a doctor herself took care of him but they both agreed that in the U.S. no one would have been so helpful. It gave all of us a wonderful feeling about the Russian people. Thanks to you we all had a wonderful time, a wonderful feeling and your country history and art Riches are fabulously interesting. I will always use Travel All Russia.

October 10, 2015
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