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For reasons I cannot fully articulate, I fell in love with Russia

Marjorie Dion from United States traveled to Russia, Mongolia, China

It was the best trip I have ever taken in my life! (And I have been to 25 countries in my life) The group was wonderful and we had was an excellent guide.

For reasons I cannot fully articulate, I fell in love with Russia. I had done a good deal of reading about your country over the years, but, until this trip I couldn’t imagine the breadth of this fabulous country.

I also enjoyed Mongolia. Although desparately poor, the people were warm and friendly.  But the roads...I am not a big fan of urban China, but have to give credit to the prosperity of Beijing.  I was in China eight years ago, but we spent the majority of our time in the country.  The real China.

After all my raving, my daughter wants to go with me back to Russia.  I have looked at many other tours, but I liked yours the best.  Now, the question:  I know you have tours of St. Petersburg, which would include Moscow.  I was wondering if you had side trips to Finland and Estonia or Finland or Estonia.  I am looking at next summer.  (I know St. Petersburg is fabulous in the winter, but I do not like cold weather which is one reason why I moved to Arizona). Hoping to hear from you soon!

I do have personal suggestions for improvement which I would only share with you now.  The Armory tour was too long, too crowded with way too much guide information.  In fact, with some exceptions, most of the local guides just rattled on and on giving too much information to absorb.  And I would totally skip the Peking Duck Dinner—food was not good and it was way, way too hot and loud.  Otherwise, fabulous!

September 17, 2012
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