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We had the best private St. Petersburg tour ever!

Mary-Ann Hunter from United States traveled to Russia

It was an amazing trip! We were on a Volga Dream cruise this summer and had the best private tour St. Petersburg (Russia) ever. I’m very thankful to our guide, who showed us this magnificent and royal city in the best way. For 5 days we visited The Yusupov Palace, Catherine Palace in Pushkin, the Russian Museum of Art and of course the greatest place – Peterhof.

To tell the truth, I’ve never wanted to visit St. Petersburg, cause I was sure, that this city is very cold, windy and foggy. When I looked at my friends’ photos, I saw grey buildings and sad people. But! When I came to St. Petersburg this summer, I saw the different city. Fortunately, St. Petersburg is very bright, sunny and pleasant)))

I don’t regret, that my husband and I have ordered a guided private tour in St. Petersburg. Our guide – a very nice and pleasant girl – showed us the best places, told about historical events, but most of all I liked to listen about St. Petersburg’s legends. It is really interesting to see and touch monuments or buildings, which witnessed such great events.

I left St. Petersburg with sadness and gave a promise to myself to come back here again in spring!

October 8, 2015
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