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The whole experience was something I will never forget!

Michael Stahl from United States traveled to Russia

From the beginning to the end, my Winter Treasures of Two Capitals trip was PERFECT! Starting with the planning, all the way through touring St. Petersburg and Moscow and the trip back home to Philadelphia - the whole experience was something I will never forget!

And as much as I saw in the 9 short days I visited (I never wanted the days to end!), I feel like I haven't even scratched the surface of seeing all the beauty and history this great country has (because I haven't! ha ha!).

The hotel staffs were very friendly and helpful in both cities. The locations of the hotels I stayed in were great! The drivers were great, and my tour guides were the best of the best - I couldn't have asked for better ones! They were very knowledgeable and even caring.

I'm writing this about 3 weeks after my trip, and after having returned from a trip to Hawaii. Hawaii was nice, but it was no comparison to the trip I made to Russia. I know for sure that I will return to Russia at least once before I ever return to Hawaii again!

I would like to send a sincere THANK YOU to the travel specialists, my drivers in St. Petersburg and Moscow, my tour guides in St. Petersburg and Moscow, the hotel staffs at Cronwell Inn (St. Pb.) and The Assemblaya (Moscow) and everybody else who helped make my trip come true. If I forgot anybody, please accept my apologies - I am an old man at 33 years of age ha ha!

Thank you again Travel All Russia and I look forward to doing business with you in the future!

Michael L. Stahl

January 22, 2014
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