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It was a great experience - Treasures of Two Capitals (5 star), June 2017

Patrick Moore from United States traveled to Russia

It was a great experience. The guides were knowledgeable and spot on time. Especially the guide in St. Petersburg seemed to get us to places with great timing. We beat the majority of crowds. Maybe that’s partly a result of being a small group, being that we didn’t have to wait for stragglers. The weather cooperated and we didn’t get caught in any rain storms.

Everybody in our group got along perfectly. We were all experienced travelers and shared information on places we’d been to. The ladies are now sharing pictures of our trip to Russia via email.

One of my favorite experiences was the folk dance show. The dancers were choreographed to perfection and had some funny skits and an extensive variety of colorful costumes. I enjoyed every minute of the show. One of our group was chosen to participate in a skit, so we called him the movie star after that.

The only minor disappointment might have been the hotel in St. Pete. The St. Regis in Moscow was so nice that the Petro Palace paled in comparison. I will say that the location of the Petro was very good.

All in all a great experience. I would recommend your company to friends.

Patrick Moore

July 17, 2017
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