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I LOVED the Treasures of Two Capitals tour!!!

Nadine Sheppard from Canada traveled to Russia

First of all. I LOVED the Treasures of Two Capitals tour!!! I LOVE Russia and am going to plan to take my family back on another tour in the near future… I promised them to visit family friends in South Africa first but I am going to start saving for our next Russian adventure in a few years!!!

I have some “tips” for future travellers adapting to the ways of the Russian culture that will make the experience all the more enjoyable.

You have been the most helpful and accommodating Destination Specialists thank you for your undivided attention!!!!

I want to learn basic Russian so when I do return, I am able to communicate more with the local people. Russian is hard but I made an effort to say Здравствуйте, Спасибо, Простите, Да, and Нет. The cyrillic alphabet is hard to figure out so that is why the Travel All Russia tours are so valuable… I would not attempt to take the subway in Moscow on my own until I learned the alphabet… I would get hopelessly lost!!!!

Thank you again for such a wonderful trip!

July 12, 2015
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