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If there was anything wrong with the tours it was that we got too much for our money

Nancy Carr from United States traveled to Russia

I have been meaning to write ever since we got back from Russia. I just wanted to let you know that we had a fabulous time on the tour. It was everything you said it would be and more.

St. Petersburg was just beautiful and our driver and guide were absolutely wonderful. Everything was smooth and perfect. The hotel was the best on the whole trip. I would recommend it to anyone. We loved our guide. I am terrible with names and at this minute I cannot remember her name. She was extremely well informed - but even more important - was so helpful and caring.

Moscow was also excellent. We had no troubles meeting up with our daughter. The hotel was fine. Again as in St. Petersburg, our guide and drivers were amazing. You should be very proud of the people you have working for "Travel all Russia". I cannot imagine anyone better. Their English was terrific - they were very knowledgeable - and extremely friendly and helpful. Everything was smooth and effortless for us.

Russia was beautiful and fascinating. The people were wonderful - so friendly and so helpful. The food on the tour was way too good. (We ate way too much!) My daughter, Sheva, has all kinds of food problems. She found the food in Russia fresh and healthy and less bothersome than in North America! If there was anything wrong with the tours it was that we got too much for our money and we were very tired.

I was very anxious about traveling to Russia where I didn't know the language, etc. It could not have been more safe and easy. I know my daughter and my sister and I had many demands ahead of time which you handled with such patience and good will. When we actually went, everything was so good. I know you had something to do with setting this up for us. I want you to know how much I appreciate all you did - and all "Travel all Russia" did for us. Thank you!

I would recommend your company to anyone - and if you want to use me for a reference, I would be happy to do that. Again thank you for making this once in a lifetime trip so very, very memorable for us all. If you are ever in Nova Scotia, Canada, please look me up and I will show you my world here!

January 16, 2012
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