Shelly Levy 4 star review | Travel All Russia

Small Group Trans-Siberian Journey summer 2016

Shelly Levy from United States traveled to Russia, China, Mongolia

Our journey to Russia was a great one. All of the guides were wonderful and everything was so well organized.

There are just a few things I'd suggest. I think you need to warn future travelers about the Chinese train. There were not two lower berths as we were told and since neither of us was able to climb to the top bunk, we had to take turns sleeping! Also, the train was disgustingly dirty.

Other than that, the other accommodations were fine. As far as the food, there was much too much fish and borscht.

The only other suggestion I have, and others in the group voiced this as well, is that we would have appreciated having more free time to do some exploring on our own.

We were a bit leery about planning such a big trip over the Internet, but we were not at all disappointed. I would be glad to let others know that you did an excellent job helping us to plan this trip.

September 19, 2016
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