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I'd say to anyone who wants to travel to Russia - you must do Travel all Russia!!

Susan Maraglino from United States traveled to Russia

We had a fantastic time. Our guide in Russia Svetlana was soo great. I can’t stop saying great things about her. Our driver, please forgive me but I can’t remember his name was so skilled and made everything seem like magic to get from place to place. We especially enjoyed Peterhof, despite the weather. Perhaps the best impression I can give you is a situation we had one morning when the line was especially long to get in, and it was raining and cold and I was a bit despairing of getting in before I got totally soaked. Svetlana told me: wait here for me, together, and be ready to follow me. A few minutes later, she came back for us, led us to the very front of the building and she just started politely excusing herself, with us following her, thru the crowd of other tourists. They just looked at this lovely Russian prima ballerina ( well that is what she looks like) and they parted in front of us and we were thru in like less than 1 minute! Made us feel like royalty! 

I truly can’t say anything bad about the whole experience. The hotel was first rate, very accommodating.

I would say to anyone who wants to travel to your beautiful country- you must do Travel all Russia with Svetlana!!

May 6, 2016
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