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One could not ask for any better

Suzanne Neville from United States traveled to Russia

Let me start by saying that we had a great trip and that I would recommend Travel All Russia to anyone wishing to travel to Moscow and/or St. Petersburg. But we did have a glitch with our room in St. Petersburg at the Kempinski Hotel.

First of all, we loved both cities and the entire trip was very well planned and executed. Our guides in Moscow and St. Petersburg were absolutely outstanding with their attitudes, sense of humor and incredible knowledge of the cities. The tours were perfect and the museums without equals anywhere including Paris. All the drivers were cordial, friendly and always on time and helpful. The timing was always perfect for transporting and travel. One could not ask for any better.

Both hotels were beautiful, the staffs cordial and helpful with always a smile and the food was wonderful in both locations. The locations in both cities were great - next to the Kremlin in Moscow and next to the old historic downtown area in St. Petersburg.

Our agents at Travel All Russia were first rate and always available and helpful. In short, we loved the trip.

The reason for the four star rating instead of five was the room at the Kempinski Hotel in St. Petersburg. The room in Moscow was superb but in St. Petersburg it was sub-standard for a five star tour. The first room we were assigned was very tiny and had two double beds (we requested a queen as a minimum) and one could feel the springs through the mattress. The second room, #539 (after requesting a change) was also very tiny but at least had a queen bed. The shower however leaked if one stayed in for more than a minute or so and always flooded the bath room floor. We asked for an upgrade but were told the hotel was sold out and none was available. Note: the last day after the crowds left, we viewed other upgraded rooms and they were all beautiful but of course, unavailable.

My advice to anyone scheduled into the St. Petersburg Kempinski Hotel is to be sure and request an upgraded room before the trip begins to avoid the problem we experienced. By the way, another couple we met and who traveled with us had a very tiny, double bed room and it was also awful.

In summary, in spite of the room, we still had a wonderful trip and would definitely recommend Travel All Russia.

June 16, 2014
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