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My trip to Russia was incredible, memories that will stay with me forever!

Travvis Mahrer from United States traveled to Russia

My trip to Russia was incredible, memories that will stay with me forever – the beautiful scenery, the rich history, and the splendid cuisine.
I have traveled to other European and South American countries and this was by far my favorite.
My family planned and made the trip through Travel All Russia and we decided on Moscow and Saint Petersburg. What made it so memorable were the incredible tour guides we had in both cities.

Saint Petersburg has so much to see, learn, and experience that I have a strong desire to go back because of all the things I missed because time just did not permit. Our guide in Saint Petersburg was Natasha Kulagina and her knowledge of all the places we visited was top notch. She also was aware of what each individual liked; at the Hermitage Natasha noticed I liked sculptures while the rest of the family liked the paintings. Due to the short time we had there and the busy schedule, she told me where to go to see more sculptures and when/where to meet the rest of the family afterwards. I got to see the most fascinating sculpture of Jupiter that I still think about to this day. I am so gratefully she realized this! She was also delightful to talk to in general, at lunch we would talk, laugh, and had fun. Natasha even helped after hours when my family had to call her on her cell because we got lost in the city and she was able to get us back to our hotel.

Our time in Moscow was short, but Olga (unfortunately I don’t have her last name) made it memorable. Going to Red Square and the Kremlin was once in a lifetime experience. Everyone has seen the photos, but being there in person was truly incredible. And no, I did not go to see Lenin. Olga introduced me to Kvass, a non-alcoholic drink made from wheat. Funny thing, wasn’t a big fan at the time but have a taste for it from time to time and plan to make it at home.

Make sure to use Travel All Russia to plan your trip. Also make sure to ask for Natasha Kulagina in Saint Petersburg and Olga in Moscow, you will not be disappointed!

March 17, 2015
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