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Many thanx to Travel All Russia for a fantastic trip, we came home with a lifetime of memories

William Pike from United States traveled to Russia

Many thanx to Travel All Russia for a fantastic trip. Exactly as your literature says, we came home with a lifetime of memories.

We were very happy with the program with one exception: the visit to Stalin's bunker. Apparently there are two Stalin bunkers, one in town, and one in the suburbs. Our trip included the one in the suburbs. This turned out to be a very long ride in Moscow's heavy traffic. Other than that, our program was well chosen and we came away feeling we had a good exposure to Russia. We are very happy that we added the extra days.

Every aspect of the trip went well. All flight and train transfers went smoothly, all hotel selections were excellent, and our guides were fantastic. It is clear that in the planning stage, our travel specialist at TAR listened to us and was responsive. Just as important, while in Russia, the TAR office in St. Petersburg was also responsive. First, on the days that we were going to Suzdal and Vladimir, the TAR office made a last minute call to to tell us that a parade in Suzdal would close the roads. So we switched the Suzdal and Vladimir days and had no problem. Second, while there, I wanted to add places to visit in both Moscow and St. Pete. In both cases, our guide called the TAR office who got back to us promptly with the detailed information we needed to make those visits work. The cost for extra time for the driver was very reasonable. (We had negotiated privately for extra time with our guides.) All of the above are the difference between "We had a two week tour of Russia" and "We had a fantastic trip to Russia, and cannot wait to go back!". We cannot recommend Travel All Russia strongly enough. We would and will use them again.

September 24, 2015
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