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Russian Currency & Money


What to know about money in Russia

Before traveling to Russia it is handy to know a few things about Russian money. For starters, the official currency of Russia is the Russian Ruble. Plus debit cards are accepted in most places, including shops, hotels and restaurants.

Russian Cash

Travelers often ask whether it's necessary to exchange your local currency to Russian Rubles in your home country prior to the trip. Since it's not always possible to do that, we can reassure you that it's not a problem to exchange money on the spot.

Keep in mind though that rates in airports aren't usually good, so it makes sense to exchange your cash somewhere in the city (in a local bank or currency exchange office).

ATMs in Russia

First of all, it's worthy to mention that apart from cash, it's best to bring your debit card to Russia. ATM machines are very easy to find in Russian cities, so you can easily withdraw Russian Rubles from an ATM machine that usually provides the option to switch the language to English.

Nevertheless, we highly recommend checking your bank's policies regarding exchange rates and fees (if any) for withdrawing money in another currency in a different country. Also note that if you plan to travel on train or on a ship in Russia, there won't be any ATMs onboard, therefore you'll need to think through bringing enough Russian cash with you in advance.