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Why Visit Europe - Asia Obelisk

You might be aware that the Ural mountain range divides the continents of Europe and Asia, but did you know that several Obelisks were placed along the border at the beginning of the 19th century?

An Obelisk is originally an Egyptian monument. It is a column carved from one single piece of stone, with a pyramid-shaped top. All around the globe, you can find obelisks inspired by the original ones. Among these is the Ekaterinburg Obelisk.

Europe - Asia Obelisk marks the border

The tall Europe Asia Obelisk beautifully marks the border between the two continents. A line divides the monument so that half of it is on each side of the border. Furthermore, at the bottom of the monument are two rocks - one brought from the furthest west of Europe and the other from the furthest east of Asia. They symbolically meet on each side of this monument.

If you add this site to your Ekaterinburg itinerary, you have the chance to cheer champagne while standing with one foot in Europe and the other in Asia. Isn't this a memorable experience?

Ekaterinburg is known as the window to Asia as the Asian border is just a bit outside of this great city. Thus, consider having a stopover here during your Trans-Siberian tour. It is ideal for visiting this Europe Asia Monument. While you are here, make sure to stop by another great site nearby, the Romanov Family Memorial of Ganina Yama, one more must-visit on your Ekaterinburg tour.