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History of the Gandan Monastery

Translated as the "Great Place of Complete Joy," the Gandan Monastery is a Tibetan monastery with numerous monks living there. Since it was built in 1809, the Gandan Monastery has been renovated to protect it from damages, yet its old charm is still perfectly apparent.

One of the main attractions of this Ulan Bator landmark is the large statue of Migjid Janraisig. After being destroyed by Russian troops in 1938, the statue was rebuilt in 1996 after Mongolian citizens banded together and raised the money. The money was well spent, as the statue features an assortment of rare gemstones, jewels, and precious metals.

The building itself is designed in traditional Oriental style and will be a nice photo spot during your Ulan Bator walking tour. At the Holy Gates of the monastery, you will be met by two stone lions statues. Set on high pedestals, the fearsome lions fulfill their main mission: to protect the monastery from evil demons.

Visiting the Gandan Monastery

Even though the Gandan Monastery is open for visitors, it remains the most important center for Buddhist studies in all Mongolia. Since 1994, the Gandan Monastery has been placed under state protection to let locals and visitors enjoy this wonderful place for years to come.

If a visit to the Gandan Monastery is on your agenda, you should know that taking pictures is forbidden unless you buy both the entrance ticket and the permission to photograph.