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Why Visit Kostroma

Charming Kostroma is one of the cities located along the Volga River banks. Part of the famous Golden Ring of Russia, Kostroma, is of particular interest to a wide audience of travelers due to its wonderful panoramas and many historical monuments.

The first must-see highlight during Kostroma journey is сertainly the Ipatiev Monastery. No doubt that the place has served as the stronghold of Russian history: the Romanovs' reign started exactly within its walls. At the Ipatiev Monastery, Michael of Russia, the first monarch of the Romanov dynasty, was proclaimed a Tsar. And that was a new serious round of Russian history…

Things to Do and See in Kostroma

Another place you need to tick as "visited" on the Kostroma map is Susanin Square. Named after Ivan Susanin, a glorious Russian hero, the Square became both the territorial and logical center of Kostroma. Now the square is a place where major urban festivities and celebrations are held. For example, “Boris Godunov” and “Khovanshchina,” two world-famous operas, were performed right here. Such a fantastic outdoor show attracted both locals and plenty of foreign guests who decided to visit the square on their Kostroma itinerary.

Kostroma historic shopping center, Gostiny Dvor, is a splendid example of provincial Neoclassical trading arcades in Russia. It was a unique example of XVIII century urban planning. Single-story symmetrical rows of cells influenced the design of Kostroma squares and streets. Gostiny Dvor, a city dweller, could buy various things: from flour and butter to tar and tobacco. The highlight of Russian cuisine, a juicy beverage named “kvass” was also sold there. The arcades are still used for their intended purpose: plenty of local cafes and shops are always at your disposal during your Kostroma trip.

Feel interested in Russia and look for some new untried destination? Discover Kostroma, and be sure you won’t stay indifferent.