Visit Tallinn Old Town in Estonia | Best Attractions To See

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Why Explore the Tallinn Old Town

There's no denying that it is impossible to explore any European capital without visiting the city center, agree? It is interesting to know that Tallinn is a city that managed to preserve its appearance from Medieval times. This makes the Estonian capital (and especially its downtown) one of the most enthralling spots on the European map, making a Tallinn Old Town trip somewhat an adventure.

The Town Hall Square is the heart of Tallinn, where both locals and tourists traditionally enjoy gothic architecture views. This part of town alone boasts 5 ancient medieval buildings! One of the most distinct ones is St. Olav's Church, known as the tallest building in the world during the 15th and 16th centuries. Today, the church tower is still the most defining element of the Tallinn skyline. Those planning a Tallinn tour in the summer are always advised to ascend the tower for magnificent panoramic views.

For sure, Tallinn Hall Square is a good place for shopping as well. Plenty of fairs are arranged here to sell souvenirs and some authentic beauties, including handmade objects. You can also enjoy glögg (a kind of non-alcoholic mulled wine wide-spread in Scandinavian countries and typical to Baltic culinary culture too).

Top Attractions in Tallinn Old Town

Due to its dynamic history, Tallinn now is a place where many confessions meet. As such, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral sends back to the 1900s when Estonia was a part of the Russian Empire. Onion domes and the impressive architectural style of this cathedral make it a must-stop during your sightseeing.

To spice up your Tallinn Old Town itinerary, consider having a pleasant stroll along Viru Street to see what life was like for the historic merchants and artisans of old Estonia. Have a look at the iconic Viru Gate, the part of the Tallinn defense system constructed almost 700 years ago.

When planning your trip, save at least a full day for a Tallinn Old Town tour to find yourself fully immersed in an authentic medieval atmosphere. The place is usually described as mystical and enchanting; for sure, it deserves to be seen with your own eyes!