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Why Explore the Vilnius Old Town

Vilnius is a capital in Europe you should most definitely give a chance to. Its lush forests along with the urban environment adds up to a combination you would want to visit repeatedly and so would your friends after hearing all about it.

One of the most memorable parts of your Vilnius itinerary would undoubtedly be the city's old town. A high concentration of architectural wonders, adjacent with the great historical heritage and the life of a bustling young capital, attracts more and more tourists each year.

Start your Vilnius old town tour at the heart of the city, the Cathedral Square, and make your way up along the Pilies Street to walk along the authentic cobbled part of town. Take a quick turn to the adorable Literatu Street to see the artwork of different artists mounted on to a wall or take a few more steps and admire the exhibition of paintings often being sold by the Didzioji Street.

As your Vilnius old town exploration continues, it is best to walk towards the Vilnius Town Hall or the Church of St. Anne, as they are also nearby. By the way, did you know that one of the oldest universities in Central Europe is also situated in the area?

Vilnius University was founded in the 16th century and its oldest building is still home to three faculties, history, philology and philosophy, along with the main library. Apart from all the sites, we would suggest you climb someplace higher as it is the best way to see the well-known red roofs of the old town from above.

There are multiple highlands around the site, for instance the hill of the Gediminas' Tower. But the one really worth the climb is the Hill of the Three Crosses. A breathtaking view will meet you upon reaching the highest point, and if you feel like relaxing after that, visit one of the numerous bars or cafes in the old town of Vilnius for a Lithuanian crafted beer or some traditional herbal tea.

All in all, Vilnius is a vivid colourful city that is rapidly developing alongside its flourishing nature, and its old town is one of the most unique places in Eastern Europe. Is it already on your list?

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