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Uglich, Russia

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About Uglich

About Uglich

The gorgeous Volga River winds many unique and impressive towns situated on its great bends. Thinking of more destinations to discover while, for example, on a Russian river cruise? In case you've always wanted to get a truly authentic Russia experience, you should definitely explore ancient Uglich, the perfect location with an exceptional vibe.

Once served as a fortress in the Kingdom of Muscovy, contemporary Uglich is a quiet shelter from the hectic hustle and bustle of huge metropolises like Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is said that Uglich was founded in 937, during the last decade of the reign of Varangian Prince Igor.

History of Uglich

On the rights of one of the oldest Russian towns, Uglich can be called a treasure trove of a number of outstanding landmarks, representing some significant moments and events of Russian history. In 1218 the town became a principality and even managed to survive the Mongol invasion. Despite this, Uglich often became the tidbit for marauders, being burned by both Lithuanians and Tatars, and just about any army aiming to attack the Muscovite principality.

However, in the 16th century, Uglich became the playground for truly dramatic events that affected the destiny of the whole country. In 1591, Prince Dmitry, the late son of Ivan the Terrible died in strange circumstances at the age of 10. As Dmitry was the last prince of the Rurik dynasty, his death initiated a serious political crisis called the Times of Trouble which resulted in the Romanov Dynasty's coming to power.

Main Uglich Attractions

This historic event found its embodiment in the Church of St. Dmitry of the Blood, built on the place of the prince's murder.  Nestled on the Volga River bank, this magnificent red ensemble is indeed a must-see highlight for your Uglich travel itinerary.

Speaking about more Uglich landmarks you can't miss during the visit, you should also discover Uglich Kremlin and Alekseevsky Monastery, one of the oldest religious establishments in Russia. Those interested in diving deeper into Uglich history can have a tour of Uglich museums, including Crafts Museum, the Museum of Myths and Superstitions, and even the Museum of Vodka. It's just amazing how many interesting places such a tiny location as Uglich can house!

With so much history available, Uglich, for sure, won't leave you indifferent as it has everything to become a nice piece of the puzzle of a remarkable Russia tour.

Best Things to Do in Uglich

  • Stop by the legendary Church of St. Dmitry of the Blood
  • Discover the town's history having a tour of Uglich Museums
  • Get inspired by the stunning Volga River panoramas
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Top Attractions in Uglich

Top Attractions in Uglich

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All Attractions in Uglich

All Attractions in Uglich

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