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Unique tours to Saint Petersburg

Unique tours to Saint Petersburg

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Saint Petersburg seems to be by far the greatest city of Russia when speaking about the cultural heritage and the architectural magnificence of this great place. The city is also called a Russian cultural capital, has been really the heart of art, literature, and education for many years.

Founded three centuries ago by Peter the Great – most prominent and powerful tsar of Russia, Saint Petersburg became the first capital of the Russian Empire; it united all the highest technical and aesthetic tendencies of its time and remains the most popular travel itinerary in Russia.

We invite you to visit this great marvelous city in a way and with the duration most convenient for you. It is also possible to order a private tour in St. Petersburg together with any other tours about Russia. Satisfy your interests or just discover something new and unknown. You are welcome to choose among the tours given below.

St. Petersburg Shore Excursion

2-day tour for cruise / ferry passengers

For those visitors who prefer to spend a brief holiday or just devote a weekend to a journey we offer a short two-day tour. You will take you along the jewels of St Petersburg's shore. During this tour, you are to visit Peterhof Palace – a complex of the Tsar’s majestic palaces and beautiful gardens located in the municipal town of Petergof, remotely from the city. It was built in the XVII century on the order of Tsar Peter the Great and is usually called "Russian Versailles".

The Hermitage Museum is the next stop at the route of a short sojourn. The Hermitage is a museum of culture and art, one of the oldest and largest cultural establishments in the world. It was found in 1764 by Empress Catherine the Great. The museum has united the richest collection of fine arts and objects of art and the court everyday life from around the whole world. Occupying six palace buildings in baroque, it has got the largest exhibition of paintings in the world.


On the second day of the travel you are welcome to see some more places of highest interest. Those are Paul Fortress, St. Isaac's Cathedral, and Empress Catherine's Palace.

This travel mode is most preferred by cruise ship passengers arriving in St. Petersburg for a stopover. The best part of the St. Petersburg shore excursion is that you don't need a  tourist visa! And most importantly, rest assured you will be accompanied by only the best guides in St. Petersburg. During the tour, you are brought to the excursion places by a private driver. You have accommodated onboard your cruise liner. The price for the two-day tour varies starting from $400-500 per person. All the entrance fees to museums and palaces in the itinerary are included in the total tour price.

The program is fully customizable and can be organized to your exact wishes and budget with the help of our professional team. Mold this trip to your special wishes, desires, needs, or budget. Throughput the trip professional guides take you to all the highlights of St Petersburg's waterfront, making it a perfect extension for your cruise.

Major Sights:

  • Peterhof Palace
  • The Hermitage Museum
  • Paul Fortress
  • St. Isaac's Cathedral
  • Catherine's Palace

Venice of the North

7-day package / private tour in St. Petersburg

During this tour our hand-picked guides will take you on an unforgettable 7 days through what is truly St Petersburg. Pay attention, because 7 days flies by in the blink of an eye.

If you want to get to know St. Petersburg as better as possible and enjoy its beauty and glory at its full rate, you would definitely appreciate this seven-day private tour to St. Petersburg. The program is made so that you don't miss any little detail of the impressions, given by this marvelous place, and enjoy a comfortable trip.


On the first day you are transferred from the airport and the evening is free for your personal time.

On the second day you are going to a general city sightseeing tour. It includes visiting the Fortress of Peter and Paul, the St. Isaac's Cathedral, and the Church on Spilled Blood. Lunch included. The second part of the tour is visiting the Hermitage Museum assisted by a professional guide. The duration is eight hours.

The third day provides a visit to Catherine's Palace in Pushkin town. You will have lunch in a local restaurant with traditional Russian folk performances.

On the fourth day you go to Peterhof – the "Russian Versailles" palaces complex. The program includes lunch in one of the local restaurants.

On the fifth day you visit the magnificent Yusupov Palace and have lunch at a restaurant nearby. The sixth day is your free time to explore St. Petersburg by yourself, and on the seventh day the airport transfer is arranged.

To top it off, we pre-arrange airport transfers, a private driver, 4-star accommodation in the Hotel Rossi or the Pushka Inn, free museum entrance and full visa processing for US citizens, and support for customers of other countries. Trips to St. Petersburg Russia like this deserve the real week-long experience.

Major Sights:

  • Peterhof Palace
  • The Hermitage Museum
  • Fortress of Peter and Paul
  • St. Isaac's Cathedral
  • Catherine's Palace
  • The Church on Spilled Blood
  • Yusupov Palace

More Tours to Saint Petersburg

St Petersburg is included in several of our longer tours that can take you by land or water across Russia, from Vladivostok through the Gobi Desert and past the Great Wall of China. If the end of your tour lands you in St Petersburg what better way to finish your trip than with a magical few days in the cultural capital of Russia.


Add these trips to your Russian adventure or simply come on over for a few of the most enriching days of your life. We also have longer, more localized tours of St Petersburg, for those who wish for deeper exploration. These include:

Treasures of Two Capitals - Our hallmark package of 7 days through Moscow and St Petersburg seeing only the best and most spectacular sights. The tour of all tours to Russia's capital cities.

Volga Dream Cruise - A tour that takes you through Russia's quaint and untouched village life along with Moscow and St Petersburg. A comprehensive Russian experience.

...amongst many others! Browse our award-winning tours to Russia.

All our tours include hand-picked professional guides, accommodation to suit your exact needs (from luxury to budget), airport transfers, Russian visa support, and the best sights and portals into the culture by way of centuries-old architecture, festivals and traditional cuisine and folk dance. These trips to St Petersburg Russia are a short, unforgettable slice of Russia.