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Announcing the Top 5 Reasons to Visit Russia in 2017

Announcing the Top 5 Reasons to Visit Russia in 2017

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Russia has many exciting events planned on the 2017 agenda, giving travelers its inherent warm welcome. Introducing a list of top reasons to visit Russia in the upcoming year.


The Maslenitsa Festival

Feast away during the ancient Slavic pagan holiday where you can try the best traditional Russian treat - blini pancakes. Maslenitsa celebrations will be held in all Russian towns on February 25th and 26th, seeing off the winter with different holiday festivities, folk songs, dancing, games and an overall joyous atmosphere.

Major events for this Russian holiday will be held in Moscow’s famous Gorky Park as well as its chique estates. As such, for an authentic Russian experience stop by former royal complexes including Kolomenskoe, Tsaritsyno or Lublino which are to host large events in honor of Maslenitsa with theatrical performances, famous singers, and the traditional burning of the scarecrow as a grand finale of the two-day celebration.


Admission Free Days in Russian Museums

Get hold of the unique chance to see exclusive museums admission-free during your trip to Russia in 2017. More than 50 museums in Moscow will have ‘Doors Open Days’ on April 16th. Coincided with Monument Conservation Day, the Pushkin Museum, the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, Kuskovo Park and Estate and many others will welcome guests to their exhibition halls completely free of charge.

A similar event called “Night of Museums” will be held on May 20th. On this day most museums in Russia will work after hours till late at night at reduced rates or even for free. For instance the St. Petersburg’s Feodor Chaliapin House Museum, the F.M.Dostoevsky Museum and some rooms of the Hermitage will open its doors to visitors until dawn. Some museums even hold annual masquerades to make the night even more culturally eventful.


Victory Day Parade and Celebrations

Celebrated annually on May 9th, Victory Day is one of the greatest large-scale holidays in Russia. During your trip to Russia in 2017 see beautiful parades with World War 2 symbolics, military machinery, and hear songs of the 1940’s. Such events are held nationwide to commemorate the bravery and heroic deeds of the Great Patriotic War participants. People thank courageous veterans and place flowers on war memorials.

On this day all Russians give tribute to their relatives and ancestors who have fallen pro patria. One of the most triumphal elements of this holiday is the Immortal Regiment Memorial Parade in Moscow, during which locals march for miles holding pictures of their family members that participated in the war and share their war story with the country. As a final chord of this Russian holiday, take in the beauty of the traditional Victory fireworks.


Centennial of the October Revolution

The Russian Revolution aka the October Revolution of 1917 will celebrate its 100th jubilee in 2017. Although opinions vary whether the date today is of enough value to hold massive celebrations, a centennial ago it broke the ice to a completely new phase in the history of Russia and the globe, as it was followed by the establishment of the Communist regime. The holiday was even marked as a “red day of the calendar” during the Soviet times, making it one of the most important days of the year.

Thus on commemorating the events that took place a century ago, prepare to see a lot of soviet-theme on November 7th while you visit Russia. A special exhibition will be held in the State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia in Moscow and a major exposition will be on display in the Tretyakov Gallery. If you get lucky, you can catch a glimpse at symbols of the party in some parts of the Russian capital: red retro flags depicting Lenin’s or Stalin’s portrait, slogans, and even a march. As for St. Petersburg, the legendary Russian cruiser Aurora is definitely worth a visit on this day. Being the symbol of the October Revolution, the cruiser was refurbished and now encompasses a museum.


FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017

For true soccer fans next summer is the best time to visit Russia as it is the host of the FIFA Confederations Cup of 2017. The sport event will be held from June 17th to July 2nd in Russia’s 4 scintillating cities: Sochi, Kazan, Moscow and St. Petersburg, giving a perfect chance to combine games of the championship with a load of sightseeing.

Eight teams will compete for the cup in best newly built stadiums: the Krestovsky Stadium in St. Petersburg, the Otkrytiye Arena in Moscow, the Kazan Arena in Kazan and the Fisht Olympic Stadium in Sochi.


Combine your trip to Russia in 2017 with genuine Russian celebrations and major sports events to get a better close up of this extraordinary country.