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About Gorno-Altaysk

About Gorno-Altaysk

From time to time, every citizen of a megapolis feels like the crazy rhythm, constant noise, and perpetual rush of the city become too much and all you want to do is run away to some magical place where you can spend some time recharging and restoring your inner harmony. At first, it might seem like in the 21st century, when progress and urbanization run the show, such an amazing place can exist only in a dream, but take a closer look at one of Russia's gems, the breathtaking Altai region.

The Altai Republic is a complete antipode to the modern cities which remain lit 24 hours a day and always in a hurry. Although the region boasts an area of 92.600 sq km (35.800 sq mi), its population is only 206 thousand people, making it the least-populous Russian republic. Most locals live just the way their ancestors did a hundred years ago: baking bread at home, preferring water from the string nearby over tap water, believing in spirits, and eating only what they can produce. The locals always lived in harmony with nature and, fortunately, managed to preserve their incredible traditions over the centuries. During Altai travel, you can find old villages unreachable by car most of the year and not covered by any mobile network, hordes of the wild horses running free, and even small yurt settlements.

Altai is a land of unspoiled nature, breathtaking views, and incredible contrasts, thanks to the Altai Mountains, providing several microclimates. It's home to the highest mountain in Siberia, the Belukha Mountain. Locals call it "Uch-Sumer", and believe that it's sacred and anyone who tries to conquer it will anger the spirits. Bur alpinists are not a skittish kind and hundreds of people from all over the world book Altai trips, hoping to reach the peak of the magnificent mountain.

Another popular tourist attractions of the region include the jaw-dropping Geyser Lake, one of the most amazing landmarks in Russia, boasting incredible turquoise-blue waters.

The Kyzyl-Chin Mountains are also not a sight you want to miss during your Altai travel. What sets them apart is their red and burgundy color, making you think about Mars travel. One more thing you should put on your travel agenda is a car ride along the Chuya Highway, listed among the most scenic routes in the world.

Top Things to Do on Your Altai Trip

  • Explore the amazing Geyser Lake
  • Visit the out-of-this-world Kyzyl-Chin Mountains
  • Enjoy the views during a car ride along the Chuya Highway
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