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Kazbegi, Georgia

Kazbegi, Georgia

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About Kazbegi

About Kazbegi

Why Explore Kazbegi, Georgia

Georgia boasts a great variety of breathtaking places to enhance your trip with, and mountainous Kazbegi is definitely one of them. Providing stunning landscapes combined with remarkable Georgian traditions and hospitality, Stepantsminda (the new name recently given to the area) attracts more and more travelers each year.

Those who plan a trip to Kazbegi should keep in mind that the main landmark of the region is its wonderfull nature and striking mountain views so it's a lot of walking anticipated. Thus, we recommend to give special attention to your wardrobe planning and don't forget a pair of comfortable shoes and some sportswear to make sure that nothing will distract you from enjoying the wonders of nature.

The region is home to the majestic mountains, including Kazbegi, one of the most remarkable mountains of the Caucasus chain which makes the area an ideal place for rock-climbing.

Your Kazbegi itinerary can be also enriched with hiking to the Devdoraki Glacier, located on the northeast slope of Mount Kazbek, as well as to the beautiful Gveleti valley boasting several waterfalls.

To delve into the culture and history of the region, you can pay a visit to the Holy Trinity Church, nestled at the foot of the Mount Kazbegi on the banks of the River Chkheri. The 14th-century Church is set at the altitude of 2200 meters (7218 ft) under the sea level and provides just scenic panoramas.

All in all, traveling to Kazbegi is an inspiring adventure that you'll remember for years to come.


Best Things to Do in Kazbegi, Georgia

  • Set off on a trip around the Gveleti valley
  • Take in the beauty of the majestic Georgian mountains
  • Visit the Holy Trinity Church