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Reasons to travel to Riga

Take a deep dive into the colorful history of the Baltic trio, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, starting with the biggest city in the region, Riga. It is the heart and the capital of Latvia, attracting tourists with its astonishing examples of the architectural style of Art Neauvou, along with Gothic towers, and narrow cobbled streets. All this will most definitely leave a lasting impression on every visitor and you should not be an exception.

The long and eventful history had a great deal to do with the way the country changed throughout the years. Latvia has once been inhabited by Germans, was also a part of the Kingdom of Sweden, and the Soviet period has left its footprint as well. Correspondingly changed Riga as the influence of different nations developed its unique style. However, the struggle for freedom was never forgotten and, thus, to mark its triumph rose the statue of Lady Liberty - one of the main landmarks of the city not to miss during your Riga sightseeing.

Another thing a Riga tour cannot be fulfilled without is visiting the old town of the city. Nowadays it's a major tourist attraction and a must-see while in the Baltics. Did you know that it is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site? Your Riga itinerary can surely be enhanced with the collections of Art Neauvou on the Alberta Street, the splendid neoclassical building of the Latvian National Opera and Ballet, the magnificent Doma Cathedral and many more. If you're traveling with children, make sure to visit the Riga Motor Museum and the zoo for some joyful family time. And, while on the lookout for quality museums, the Latvian National Museum is just what you need.

All in all, Riga is the gem of the Baltics, best described as a synthesis of vivid cultural life along with a great tribute paid to its history. This crossroad between the eastern and northern Europe is now on your bucket list, isn't it?

Best Things to Do in Riga

  • Stop by Riga's Lady Liberty statue
  • Enjoy the Art Neauvou architecture in the old town
  • Explore the gorgeous Doma Cathedral
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