Visit Riga Old Town in Latvia | Things to Do in Riga's Old Town

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Why Explore the Riga Old Town

The old town of Riga needs no introduction, as it is a kind place. Included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list, the area is plentiful of architectural wonders, culture, and tradition. It can be explored on foot, making it a great evening stroll, or can be turned into an energetic Riga old town tour, with lots to see and even taste.

The abundance of cafes and restaurants providing local drinks and traditional food will leave you lost in-between choices, but the crucial thing to try at least once in Riga is the famous Riga Black Balsam. The recipe for this herbal extract was first crafted in 1752 and is now the symbol of the city when exploring local delights or being a great catch while looking for souvenirs for your friends and family.

Things to Do in Riga's Old Town

Another great choice to spoil your taste buds with is actually locally crafted beer or black rye bread. What is more, make sure to try the Latvian Laima chocolate. Maintaining its long-lasting traditions since the 19th century, the company adopted its current name in 1925 and hasn't left the shelves of the shops in Riga ever since.

Can you believe that there is even a landmark for the company in the city center? It is the Laima clock, which used to be the main spot for love birds to meet up. Right next to the Laima clock stands the statue of Lady Liberty with her hands held high and a wide variety of the Art Nouveau buildings, one of the old town's trademarks.

If you really want to see the entire beauty of the area, you have to go up a little bit, to St. Peter's Church, for instance. Situated in the middle of the old town, it is a great location that gives a 360˚ view over the site, the river nearby, and the city in general.

Summing up, Riga Old Town sightseeing will only leave you wanting more since there is so much to take in and discover in a place brimming with heritage and simply waiting to be experienced firsthand. Browse our tours to the Baltics and choose your next vacation.