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Solovetsky Islands

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About Solovetsky Islands

About Solovetsky Islands

Explore the History of the Solovetsky Islands

Welcome to the beautiful Solovetsky Islands in northern Russia! Also known as Solovki, the six islands in the White Sea offer not only unique landscapes and architecture but an eventful history as well. The archipelago is actually listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasting an authentic 15th-century monastery, traces of a former village, numerous religiously significant sites, and more for you to discover during the Solovetsky Islands tour.

The Solovetsky Monastery features unique architecture, defined by years of construction work and an authentic amalgam with the scenic nature surrounding the site. The fortress-like monastery is one of the largest ones in northern Russia and houses the Church of Annunciation, as well as the Uspensky and Preobrazhensky Cathedrals.

Dating back to the 16th century, the Annunciation Church is where the tombs of the founders of the monastery can be found. In addition to that, while Solovetsky Islands sightseeing, make sure to visit the bell tower of the St. Nicholas Church for some scenic views over the area.

The Solovki archipelago has long been a pilgrimage destination, however, in the 20th century, the monastery was transformed into a Soviet prison camp and the islands became a remote place of exile.

The Solovetsky Islands are without a doubt one of the most historically significant places in Russia, making it a must-visit during any Russian tour in the country. In addition to that, it boasts a unique environment and beautiful nature for you to discover as well, thus don't miss the chance to explore it all.

Best Things to Do in Solovetsky Islands

  • Explore the Solovetsky Monastery
  • Visit the Annunciation Church
  • Admire the beautiful nature
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