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Reasons to travel to Tallinn

Tallinn seems to have always attracted incredible interest among tourists due to its peculiar history, cultural blend, and location. Now the capital of Estonia, Tallinn used to be a part of neighboring Sweden. Later the city belonged to Russia which is why we may see buildings like the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral or some examples of the so-called "Soviet brutalism". All these different sides of the city add colors and shades to the architectural palette of the Estonian gem and make any Tallinn tour a vivid experience.

The heart of Tallinn beats in the Town Hall Square, here you may fully enjoy the view of Gothic architecture. People say there is one special spot not to miss: if you stand there you will see 5 spires at once! Plus, it is believed that the best town views can be seen from the Kohtuotsa Viewing platform. Without a doubt, Tallinn boasts a number of ancient medieval churches, among the most appealing ones are St. Olav's Church, Dome Church, St. Nicholas' Church.

One more must-see during a Tallinn trip is the Town Hall Pharmacy (Raeapteek), entering it you'll find yourself back in the 17th century. The pharmacy allows visitors to see some old medical instruments, examples of ancient medieval mixtures and pills, and even such bizarre items as dried hedgehog and crocodile. A logical follow-up to this may be the visit to Health Care Museum where all guests are suggested to learn a lot about the human body and its mechanisms, all is provided in a clear and informal way.

Another interesting location (especially for those who plan their Tallinn travel with kids) might be the Tallinn Zoological Gardens, where it is possible to explore the copious live exhibits of mountain goats and sheep or elephants and crocodiles or the lake-sized ponds housing birds of all types.

No journey overseas can be imagined without tasting local food, right? If you decide to relax after a long walk, the better option would be to come back to the Town Hall Square and visit the famous "III Draakon". This tavern leaves unforgettable impressions, pleasuring its visitors with such delicacies as pies and salmon soup. You may even serve the latter on your own, there is usually a big tub and all the guests may pour the tasty soup in their bowls by themselves.

Best Things to Do in Tallinn

  • Get inspired by Tallinns St. Olav's Church, Dome Church, St. Nicholas' Church
  • Catch the best city views by the Town Hall and from the Kohtuotsa Viewing platform
  • Taste local specialties, including Kiluvoileib sandwich, Estonian pies and salmon soup
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A comprehensive 7-day package taking you to the best places in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. Fully customizable tour that fits perfectly to extend your Russia vacation.

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