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About Vilnius

About Vilnius

Lithuania, the country of great nature and unique customs, has so much to offer but one of the main things you should immerse yourself into upon arrival is the capital, Vilnius. The city was first mentioned back in the 14th century but the most interesting story about it is actually the legend behind it becoming the capital of the country.

The Grand Duke of Lithuania, Gediminas, once had a dream about an iron wolf howling on a hilltop which he later narrated to the pagan priest Lizdeika. The priest responded, that it represents a castle upon a hill and the place must be the new capital.

Reasons to travel to Vilnius

Ever since then, surrounded by forests, at the confluence of two rivers lays Vilnius with one of its symbols, the Gediminas' tower of the upper castle (an absolute must during any Vilnius tour). Right by the hill stands the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, and only a couple of minutes away is the Cathedral Square, home to one of the most important places of worship for Lithuania’s Catholics, the Cathedral Basilica.

Many of the architectural jewels in the capital are situated within a walking distance from one another, making it a great route for your Vilnius travel. However, the place has so much to offer outside the city center as well. Take a stroll through Vingis Park, often called the lungs of the city.

his huge green area, surrounded by trees, is one of the most popular spots for outdoor activities and is also the location where the Lithuanian Song Celebrations take place. The cultural phenomenon attracts thousands of spectators to the park every time it is held, and it was even inscribed in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

The park can actually be seen from up above, once you go up to the revolving circular observation platform in the Vilnius Television Tower (one more place to put on your Vilnius itinerary). Being the tallest building in Lithuania at 326.5 meters high it is a great place to admire the 360˚ view over the whole city, a view you won't forget.

Lithuania surely requires a tick on your bucket list, as it is a place like no other. The amazing nature will leave you speechless, while Vilnius sightseeing will enrich your knowledge about the history and satisfy your inner hunger for a cultural experience.

Best Things to Do in Vilnius

  • Enjoy best panoramic city views from the Gediminas Tower
  • Have a peaceful walk around Vilnius Old town streets
  • Take a scenic day-trip to Trakai Castle
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Top Attractions in Vilnius

Top Attractions in Vilnius

Vilnius Statue

Vilnius is a capital in Europe you should most definitely give a chance to. Its lush forests along with the urban environment adds up to a combination you would want to visit repeatedly and so would your friends after hearing all about it.

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