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Why Book in Advance?


Top 4 Reasons Pro Early Bookings

Based on our years of expertise in the travel industry, we can state without hesitation that as a rule suppliers raise the prices of their services by about 7 to 10% every year, this is in much due to inflation and ongoing changes in the financial market. That said, we believe that there are always options to travel better, and, thus, below you can find several reasons why it's worth to already start planning your future vacation without further delay.


Lock in lower rates

Within the framework of our limited time special offer, we provide you with the unique opportunity to book ANY of our tours for 2020 at 2019 prices. This way you'll save at least 7-10%, and we guarantee that the overall paid total won't change!


Enjoy better availability

Approaching the question of early bookings way ahead of time has many indisputable benefits. The earlier you start, the broader the availability of hotels, tickets, activities, and pretty much anything will be. Meaning you can get your hands on a wider choice of options to select from which is certainly a bonus.


Save up to 40% on flights

Another great way to cut down your trip costs is by taking care of booking tickets for your long-haul flights beforehand. If you compare fares for international long distance flights in the time frame of 1 year or more before the departure date, 6 months, 3 months, and 1 month or less, you'll easily see that the difference in fares is drastic. So if you seriously intend to set off on an adventure overseas, why not save your budget on flights?


Sweet anticipation

Let's face it, everyone's excited when they know that they have a fun adventure to look forward to. There's no denying that it's definitely a great reason to warm your heart and make you smile. Plus you'll have more time to prepare for the trip, do some research, and learn something about the places you'll go to.


Don't miss your chance to book an upcoming tour with our special offer, any itinerary of your choice starting in 2020 for the locked 2019 prices. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us as our travel specialists will be happy to help.