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About Almaty

About Almaty

The former capital and the largest metropolis of Kazakhstan, vibrant Almaty is nestled at the foot of Zailiski Ala-Tau mountain and is often referred to as "the Southern Capital".

The city was founded in 1854, not far from the Chinese border, which explains the unique Asian vibe and color Almaty processes. Interesting to know that the city's name “Almaty” translates as “father of apple trees” due to the fact that this area has always boasted an impressive number of beautiful apple orchards, thriving around the city.

Although Almaty was the country's capital only till 1997, it is home to a number of outstanding sights and activities worth your attention while planning your Almaty travel itinerary.

Reasons to travel to Almaty

In fact, the citizens of Almaty are really proud of the picturesque mountains surrounding the city which means that the first must-do in your Almaty tour is exploring the majestic natural formations of Almaty outskirts. If you are an active lifestyle enthusiast, it is highly recommendable to visit Medeo. Being extremely popular among both, citizens and travelers, Medeo is a year-round ice arena set high above the sea level, providing simply wonderful panoramas.

Speaking about Almaty highlights located within the city, you should definitely visit the Baroque Ascension Cathedral, learn more about the country's history in the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan as well as get inspired by the majesty of Almaty Central Mosque.

Almaty is quite a green city which has many parks including the popular Panfilov Park, a botanical garden, a zoo, and several stadiums. Moreover, you can also take a couple of photos near Almaty's symbol, the apple monument.

In case you plan to stay in the city for more than just two days, you can consider the opportunity of taking a cable-car ride up to the Kok-Tobe to include in your Almay trip. Such a ride is, indeed, a nice way to immerse into the charms of local nature and witness the beauty of the mountains and vineyards.

Best Things to Do in Almaty

  • Immerse into the beauty of gorgeous Kazakhstan mountains 
  • Get acquainted with local history and culture, visiting the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan
  • Witness the grandeur of the religious edifices like Almaty Central Mosque and the Ascension Cathedral
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