Taltsy Village, Russian Ethnographic Museum of Traditional Wooden Architecture

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Why Travel to Taltsy Village

The Taltsy Village is a unique open-air architectural-ethnographic museum of traditional wooden architecture, set in a picturesque place on the Angara River's right bank. This reconstructed Siberian village is the storage of history and culture of the peoples of Eastern Siberia.

First opened in 1980, the museum complex consists of several buildings threatened with flooding when the Irkutsk Dam was constructed on the Angara River. All the buildings at the Taltsy museum were rescued from the rising waters and brought here to serve as models of Irkutsk regional architecture.

What to See in Taltsy Village

More than 40 historical and architectural monuments and 8000 exhibits of great historical value are scattered in the 67 hectares Taltsy Village occupies. The Museum boasts rich natural landscapes and allows visitors to get acquainted with the peoples' material and spiritual culture that inhabits the Baikal region: Russian, Buryat, and Evenki.

The museum expositions display every-day life, customs, and traditions of the peoples of the Baikal region in the XIX-XX centuries. Moreover, guests can even make a clay sculpture with their own hands and try traditional Russian cuisine in the barrel house.

Travelers have the opportunity to explore this fascinating outdoor museum together with the gorgeous Lake Baikal during your Trans-Siberian tour as part of the Irkutsk travel itinerary. Ready for a real adventure?