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Why Visit Vladimir

Ancient Vladimir is justly considered one of the most attractive tourist destinations during the Golden Ring of Russia journey. Visit a beautiful and original Russian city with a long history, and you’ll be filled with fresh impressions of the encounter with antiquity.

The first Vladimir landmark that can never be ignored is the Golden Gate, a majestic symbol. Built in the XII century, it represents the only preserved ancient Russian city gate. It`s interesting to know that the Golden Gate served both as a fortification and a triumphal arch.

Now there is a museum inside that introduces the visitors to the history of the Mongol invasion. The red-brick Trinity Church is another must-see on your Vladimir tour. The church shows us an example of a so-called pseudo-Russian style, which has both ancient Russian and Byzantine architectures.

The original “cross laying” brickwork and the high domes and the bell tower create a stunning effect: a bulky building looks pretty compact.

Fun Things to Do in the City of Vladimir, Russia

Feel the need to make your Vladimir itinerary less formal? Then you may move towards numerous Vladimir museums that concentrate not on historical relics but more on guests' entertainment.

Some of them can even delight sweet teeth. Sounds tempting, right? Treat yourself to visiting Vladimir Chocolate Studio, and this tasty experience definitely won't let you forget your Vladimir journey.

The studio's inner guided tour is lively and interactive, with fantastic workshops to show how chocolate delights are made. Still, wondering where to go for some new experiences? Choose a Russian tour with Vladimir, and it will surely be a direct hit!