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About Novosibirsk

About Novosibirsk

Figuring on where to go next? The third-most populous city in Russia might be a destination you should consider. Established in 1893, Novosibirsk has once held the crown of the fastest growing city in the world and has been rapidly developing ever since.

Can you believe that for this reason it has even been included in the Guinness Book of Records? The contrast between the man-made expansion and forested areas, small rivers, and lakes lying adjacent to the city, meets you right in the middle for a perfect sightseeing experience.

Reasons to travel to Novosibirsk

The colorful city is full of cultural and historical monuments to put on your Novosibirsk itinerary, such as the Eternal Flame, commemorating the people fighting The Great Patriotic War during World War II or the Chapel of St. Nicholas, situated in the exact geographical center of the former Soviet Union.

While on the Novosibirsk tour you should also visit Novosibirsk-Glavny (the largest rail station east of the Urals) and the Stokvartirny House, "the house with one hundred apartments" (an architectural monument, built by the famous architect A.D. Kryachkov).

The list goes on but exploring the city has never been so easy since the urban lifestyle is greatly intertwined with the beauty of nature. Take a stroll through one of the city parks, visit the Novosibirsk Zoo or put the tick on your bucket list after seeing a world-class ballet performance at the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Novosibirsk travel is a fusion of the metropolitan vibe, cultural heritage, and lively nature, only adding to the charm and uniqueness of the city.

Best Things to Do in Novosibirsk

  • Explore the main Novosibirsk highlights, including Opera and Baller Theatre
  • Touch local history and cultute, visiting the State Art Museum
  • Try outstanding Siberian cuisine
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