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Russia Tour Packages in 2016

Russia Tour Packages in 2016

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Though 2015 is only halfway through, many travelers have already started to plan for their vacation next year. And it really is a good idea to start preparing early in advance. We invite you to explore our award-winning tour, cruise and Trans-Siberian packages for 2016, here's a brief overview of what we offer.

Award-winning small group tours

Our award-winning small group tours of Moscow & St. Petersburg already have departures confirmed. There are 3 editions of this program: 4+ star Classic Moscow & St. Petersburg, 5 star Treasures of Two Capitals and 5+ star Black Caviar tour.

Red Square, Moscow

Must-visits in Moscow:

  • St Basil's Cathedral;
  • Red Square;
  • State Historical Museum;
  • Moscow Kremlin;
  • GUM;
  • Tretyakov Gallery;
  • Sparrow Hills;
  • Cathedral of Christ the Saviour;
  • Gorky Park.

Russian river cruises

The best Russian river cruise, the Volga Dream has already announced dates for 2016 and offers 10% early booking discount, if you reserve your cabin before July 31.

Volga River

Trans-Siberian tours

Enjoy the ultimate luxury experience on board the private Tsar's Gold train while exploring Russia, Mongolia and China on a fabulous Trans-Siberian journey. A dedicated tour director, the most professional guides and outstanding natural sights - no wonder this trip is rated among the top 'journeys-of-a-lifetime'. And you can already start planning it for 2016!

Trans-Siberian Journey

Touring multifaceted Russia is an exciting experience no matter which tour you choose! Have you started planning the Russia journey of your dreams for 2016?