Tsar's Gold Adventure Overview | Part 2

Tsar's Gold Adventure Overview | Part 2

Tsar's Gold Adventure Overview

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We know that rail adventures like the Tsar's Gold have a lot to get a traveler interested and excited with. Thus, we would like more people to know how it feels to go on such tours. In this piece, as a follow-up to the first part, we continue sharing the fascinating story of our dear client, Bob Derickson.

Naturally, a tour of such distance and duration (16 days) requires quite a lot of preparation, which usually starts several months (or even a year) prior to the actual trip. As part of the obligatory procedure, US citizens should obtain a Russian visa to travel around the territory of the country.


From our side, we assist clients in getting their visas to Russia. Simply put, as experts in travel to Russia, we make this process our responsibility, freeing our travelers from the extra worries and letting them calmly prepare for the trip without the need to go through the trouble of getting the visas on their own.

Getting back to Bob's great Trans-Siberian adventure, on the way to Irkutsk and Lake Baikal, our traveler had an unexpected stop in Krasnoyarsk which became one more highlight of the trip:

bob with a dog

Travel All Russia Client Review Next, we had a surprise stop in Krasnoyarsk (which is not on the itinerary) instead of spending July 2nd on the train. The city itself is mainly industrial, but the outlying countryside was wonderful. Here I am on a hillside park with a sturgeon; you can see the river in the background. We also went to Bobrovy Ski Park (I like that name) where I got to ski with a wolf!

Thanks for all the work you did to make it happen for me.
It was truly a life-changing experience.

The charms of remote Irkutsk were to Bob's taste as well, and he even found a new "friend" there:

Travel All Russia Client Review Irkutsk was wonderful. I was fascinated with the statue of Babr, the tiger symbol of Irkutsk, and had several pictures made with him.

bob with statue

Travel All Russia Client Review His name is pronounced like mine with a soft "R" at the end, so maybe that's why I relate to him.

No trip to Russia can do without experiencing renowned Russian hospitality, so another surprise was waiting for Bob on this trip:

Travel All Russia Client Review Instead of supper at a restaurant, we went to a dacha and had a home-cooked meal out in the country. That was a wonderful unexpected side trip, and it was such a homey environment with the Russian family.

bob dinner

On the way to Asia, the Tsar's Gold train passes probably the most untypical region in Russia, unique Buryatia. Boasting its original customs and traditions, Buryatia is a nice place to learn more about Russia's diversity and cultural richness.


As part of the program, our traveler visited the capital of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude, located close to the Russian-Mongolian border and captivating travelers with the fascinating Asian spirit. In the picture, you can see Bob with one of the city's most famous attractions, the Tibetian Datsan "Rinpoche Bagsha" in the background.


The trip to the Taltsy Wooden Building Village
was also so much fun, and I got to have my picture in a birch forest there.

Having crossed the ⅓ of the world along the Trans-Siberian railway, our traveler changed the line, continuing the journey to alluring Asia. The following part of the tour covered the marvels of Mongolia and China. Here are the memories of the remarkable Asia exploration:

Travel All Russia Client Review I also wanted to show folks back home how I spent July 4th. I include a picture of the food line and me having tea from a samovar at the picnic. You can see the train in the background.


Travel All Russia Client Review We also visited the Buddhist Monastery in Ulan Bator. I found that to be a most peaceful place although the prayers inside the temple were a bit unusual.


Travel All Russia Client Review It happened to be the Dalai Lama's 84th birthday the day we were there, and here is a picture of me at the Birthday Party and the "cake" is behind me.

Travel All Russia Client Review There are also pictures of me on Tiananmen Square in front of the entrance to the Forbidden City and a dragon with the flaming pearl statue in Beijing. It was a grand trip, and I hope that you get to take it yourself someday.

We'd like to remind that if the Chinese capital is more accessible for you from the place you live in (e.g. you are an Australian citizen), or you just want to begin the journey from the magical vibe of the Far East, you are free to select a reverse route and start your trip from fascinating Beijing, making your way westward to Moscow.


As a rule, there are 6 ordinary and 6 reverse Tsar's Gold departures per year (all from late spring to early autumn) which means that you need to plan your vacation carefully as to not to miss your opportunity to join the great adventure!

We are very grateful to Bob Derickson for the outstanding feedback and marvelous travel photos as we are absolutely sure that such stories should be shared with the world!

It was a Grand Trip
and I hope that you get to take it yourself someday.

In case you feel adventurous enough to explore the vast expanses of Russia and Asia too, browse the extensive collection of award-winning Trans-Siberian rail programs and feel free to contact our travel specialists who'd love to give you a hand in creating the itinerary of your dreams!