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About Nizhny Novgorod

About Nizhny Novgorod

If you are still wondering, whether Nizhny Novgorod travel would be something you'd like to experience, let us help you - it would. This colorful Russian city full of cultural heritage might exceed your expectations since it has something to offer for everyone.

Reasons to Travel to Nizhny Novgorod

Art enthusiasts will surely enjoy the State Gorky Literature Museum which was named after the great Russian author Maxim Gorky. Bet you didn't know that Nizhny Novgorod was his birthplace? Do not worry, now you do.

There are also multiple art galleries and installations such as The Blogger's Bench which provides free Wi-Fi access if you are in the mood of blogging about your experience.

The musician community will not be disappointed as well, as the city has multiple live music bars and cafes open for the public and is often the place where great concerts are staged. If you are not that into art, there are plenty of other places worth putting on your Nizhny Novgorod itinerary, f.e., the grand red-brick Kremlin.

The Cathedral of Archangel Michael, which is actually the only church that has stood the test of time in Kremlin, along with multiple ancient towers is what makes this site a must-see. By the way, the magnificent church of St. Elijah is right around the corner, so make sure to make a little detour during your Nizhny Novgorod tour after seeing the Kremlin.

Another thing you should not miss during your Nizhny Novgorod sightseeing is the panorama of Strelka, overlooking the amazing view of the confluence of the rivers Oka and Volga and also the Fedorovsky Embankment, a perfect place for a stroll in the evening.

If you want to take a look at the scene from a different angle, hop on a boat trip along the two rivers! Nowadays Nizhny Novgorod is the fifth-largest city in the Russian Federation, somehow managing to maintain the unique heritage alongside its cultural versatility, thus looking at pictures is not enough, feel like exploring it yourself?

Best Things to Do in Nizhny Novgorod

  • Witness the ancient Novgorod Kremlin
  • Get inspired by the scenic panoramas of the Volga River
  • Explore diverse museums of Nizhny Novgorod
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